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Grantoo is Now Fuel Powered


We started Grantoo with the vision of leveraging peoples’ love for games by connecting them with charities that helped address the growing tuition problem. Along the way we experienced ups and downs and learned many hard lessons. While our charitable tournaments provided some success, our vision to make a huge impact was limited - the learning was tremendous. We realized that there is a big opportunity in mobile games and if we succeed, we will be able to make a larger contribution in solving the tuition problem.

As we delved deeper into mobile, and the power of connecting people with an ever-connected smart phone, we realized that by marrying the fun and engagement of mobile games, we could unleash the innate competitive nature of us humans. Thanks to our partnered success with huge publishers like Miniclip and Spry Fox, we built a unique multiplayer service that grabbed the attentions of millions around the world.

In 9 months, we have seen tremendous success on our our multiplayer platform. We attracted investors - Middle East Venture Partners and Rising Tide Fund to fund our Series A. Our success attracted the best people in the industry to join us in solving the broken experience of making games more fun when played with others.

All this success, led us to think about who we are, what are our aspirations as a company are, who we truly represent, and how we want to be perceived by consumers. decided to launch ourselves as a new company.

We homed in on the name Fuel Powered- a name that represents what we bring to the mobile game industry, and our vision for delivering delightful experiences by connecting consumers with each other through a powerful common bond - the games they love.

Everything leading up to the launch of Fuel Powered has been humbling, yet an incredible accomplishment. The dedicated team behind Fuel Powered has settled for nothing less than creating a world-class platform that will take mobile multiplayer to uncharted territories and delight players around the world.

We're proud to have built outstanding technology that continues to challenge and push the boundaries of social experiences on mobile. It's been a massive undertaking, but the results speak for themselves.

Fuel Powered's vision is to enable developers to continuously delight their gamers through personalized experiences and features based on our deep insights into player behavior. Fuel Powered is also an attitude that drives all the crucial decisions we make in order to do work we’re proud of. Fuel Powered has become the verb of choice when discussing how to enhance our partner's games and how we approach the creation of memorable experiences for their players.

We are excited to partner with the best publishers in games while continuing to deepen the relationships we have with the outstanding studios we work with.

- Alan