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Spry Fox Powers Live Events with Fuel Powered

Learn how we increased Triple Town's 7-Day Retention by 112%

increase in 7 day retention

increase in sessions/game

increase in DAU

in overall sessions

Adding a weekly tournament to Triple Town had a dramatic impact on our player retention. Players are staying weeks and even months longer after they discover the feature. Fuel Powered has built a great product with players in mind and that shows in how much players love it"
-David Edery, CEO & Founder, Spry Fox

Game Description

Triple Town is an original puzzle game in which players try to grow a great city. The larger the city, the more points scored. Along the way, players must outwit giant bears who will try to block their progress.


Spry Fox integrated the Fuel Powered Platform and created unique live events in the form of weekly tournaments. These tournaments ran once a week for 24 hours. Leaderboards were tracked for both high scores and tournament standings. Push notifications were sent to users to tell them that a tournament is about to begin.