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Fuel Powered Launches First Producer-centric Live Events Engine with Ignite

SAN FRANCISCO - January 21st, 2016

Fuel Powered is pleased to announce the latest addition to its mobile gaming platform: Ignite, a mobile live events engine with a focus on producers as game operators. Live events which actively engage players have been key to the success of mobile gaming companies such as Machine Zone, Kabam and to Betaworks, the creators of Dots. Until now, the creation and operation of live events systems has represented a technical and costly hurdle to overcome, and has only been accessible to developers with large teams and deep pockets. Ignite lets you say goodbye to unwieldy, expensive, proprietary live events systems.

Ignite is a powerful, fully-featured live events engine, built expressly for use by a single game operator, while providing the functionality that the industry expects from market leaders. Managing live events has never been this easy.

Game operators can define custom variables in order to create, deploy, and tune a multitude of missions and quests for their players. Cohorting and segmentation enable custom content and challenges to be directed at specific users - without the need to write a single line of code. Updates take effect instantly over-the-air without needing to push from one environment to another, or to submit new game builds to storefronts. Operators are able to see their designs in action immediately, which means faster iteration and faster results.

Spry Fox, a Fuel Powered partner, will be integrating Ignite into their flagship puzzle game Triple Town in order to boost engagement and retention with the addition of live event gameplay, supplementing their successful use of Fuel Powered's Compete.

Sign up now for early access to Ignite and join early adopters such as Animoca, Jaddream, and GreenCod!

Learn more about Ignite.

About Fuel Powered

Fuel Powered specializes in empowering mobile games with technology aimed at increasing and sustaining their lifetime and revenue potential. Fuel Powered is best known for its asynchronous multiplayer solution, Compete, which has recently passed the boundary of 100 million registered users world wide. Fuel Powered’s products have been successfully adopted by mobile game teams within SEGA, Bandai Namco, Codemasters and more.