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Triple Town Launches with Ignite

SAN FRANCISCO - April 25th, 2016

Fuel Powered is excited to announce the launch of new live event game modes for Spry Fox’s hit mobile puzzler, Triple Town. Powered by the Ignite live events engine, players can now experience a whole new side of Triple Town gameplay with Time Attack mode and Mission mode.

Jump into Time Attack and race against the clock to complete match goals in time, or take on a Mission and collect matches over the long haul. Win prizes ranging from turns, to gold, to a brand new Triple Town skin! Events and prizes rotate regularly, so come back often to ensure you don't miss out!

Since Time Attack and Mission events are running on Ignite, Spry Fox can schedule, reconfigure, and balance over-the-air without requiring players to download new builds.

Using Ignite to develop new game modes has allowed Spry Fox to take what’s great about Triple Town and quickly extend it into something new and event-based - instead of building traditionally from the ground up. Working with Ignite means working smart. Most of all, for long-time Triple Town fans, it means that the game they’ve enjoyed for so long will continue to engage them with new content.

Download Triple Town on the App Store and on Google Play.