PORTAL BETA         This is a beta version. Functionality may improve without notice.

The best live events engine

With Ignite, operating live events becomes affordable, manageable, and effective.

Anyone can easily publish events in minutes in real-time - eliminating frequent store submissions.

Keep players engaged

Tuning changes, based on feedback from analytics, can be pushed to the live environment instantly.

Ignite offers the power of cohorting and segmentation, delivering targeted and unique experiences to the right players at the right time.

Up and running in a single sprint



Fuel Powered Platform


Engineering & QA support


Set Up

Live Events-
Game code & UI


Art support



Leaderboard & Mission Events


Operations support

Manage live events with the Portal

All of this is managed using the Portal, where game operators can create and modify their events in real-time.

With access to game parameters, operators can make changes on the fly and optimize their events without the need for engineering support.

Extend the life of your game, and keep players coming back for more.

Managing live events has never been this easy!

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