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Provides operable cloud-based Features-as-a-Service that maximize bottom line results for mobile games


Fuel provides cloud-based features such as multiplayer and live events for mobile games, which significantly improve LTV.

Fuel Products

Create and operate live events

Head-to-head challenges and tournaments

Real-time tuning of game variables

The Fuel Portal

The Fuel Portal is the one-stop shop for getting set up, changing parameters on the fly, and digging into the performance of each of the products in the Fuel platform.

The Fuel Platform

The Fuel Platform energizes successful mobile games, through features and tools that engage and retain users. It is easy to integrate, leveraging the games' existing identity, social and analytic solutions, and produces unparalleled, proven uplift in engagement and retention metrics.

The Fuel Platform works on Android, iOS, and Unity 5.

Fuel in Action

Spry Fox saw a significant increase in key metrics, after partnering with Fuel and integrating Compete.

Players who competed in Multiplayer and engaged in Tournaments played for longer periods of time, and came back to the game more often.

What our partners say